Thank you for choosing the Levitating Bluetooth Speaker. This revolutionary levitating speaker was made to provide a new listening experience. Please take a moment to read over this manual to learn how to properly use your Levitating Bluetooth Speaker.

How to Levitate Speaker

  • Connect the power adapter to magnetic base. Carefully hover speaker above the middle of the magnetic base. A blue LED light will begin to emit. Balance the speaker until it levitates above the base.
  • If you are having trouble levitating the speaker, please see our instructional video here:

How to Operate

  1. Power the levitating speaker ON by pressing down the power button for 5 seconds. Once the speaker is ON, the power button will emit a red LED light.
  2. Carefully press the power button again to put the speaker into pairing mode. Open up your mobile phone’s bluetooth settings and connect to “SOUND360”. Once your levitating speaker is connected, you can now play music.

How to Charge

  1. Connect power adapter to the charging base.
  2. Power OFF levitating speaker and place on charging base.
  3. The levitating speaker will begin charging as indicated by the red LED light. Once the speaker has finished charging, the red LED light will turn off.

Bluetooth Hands-Free

  1. To accept a call, touch the power button OR accept call from your phone.
  2. To end a call, touch the power button OR end call from your phone. Music will resume playing.

Additional notes

  1. To pause or play music, touch the power button.
  2. To power OFF speaker, remove levitating speak from magnetic base. Press and hold down the power button for 5 seconds.
  3. To turn LED light ON/OFF, press the LED power button on the magnetic base.


Product weight: Levitating Speaker (390g), Magetic Base (665g), Charging Base (145g)
Speaker diameter: 4.1 inches
Battery capacity: 7.4V/850mAh
Input: DC 12V
Output: 3W
Bluetooth version: 4.0
Charging time: 2.5 hours
Playing time: Up to 8 hours
Stand-by time: Up to 120 days


Read all the instructions before using this product. Failure to read and follow these safety instructions could result in fire, explosion, electrical shock or other hazard, causing serious and/or fatal injury and/or property damage, for which damages you, (“Purchaser”) not Zvoltz are liable.

  1. Do not modify, dissemble, open, drop, crush, puncture, or shred the product.
  2. Do not expose the product to rain or water.
  3. Keep away from open flame of sunlight to prevent heat build-up.
  4. Keep away from high voltage devices.
  5. This product is not intended for children and is not a toy. Keep away from children.
  6. Keep other electronic devices at least 1 ft away from levitating speaker and magnetic base.
  7. Ensure that all persons who use this product are familiar with the safety guidelines set forth in this manual.


1. Speaker won’t power on
Ensure that the levitating speaker is charged. If there is not power, charge the levitating speaker for at least half hour before powering ON.

2. Cannot connect to bluetooth
Restart the levitating speaker by powering it OFF and then powering it back ON. Press the power button again to enter into pairing mode.

3. Cannot hear call through speaker
When you are connected to a call, click the speaker icon on your phone. Ensure that the call is connected to “SOUND360”


Zvoltz is proud to offer a one year limited product warranty. Make sure to visit our support page for more information.